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Friday blog - Nordic ID at the Retail Sensations and Barex partner days - Upcoming events - RFID videos - Recommended case studies

Tune in for this week's Friday blog and catch up with what's been up this week. Nordic ID attended the Retail Sensations event as well as Barex partner days. Additionally you can read up on upcoming events, RFID videos and our recommended case studies.

This week's events

Retail Sensations, Antwerp, Belgium

This week Nordic ID participated at the Retail Sensations event in Antwerp. The event was hosted by the Concept Group. The buzzing event was excellent and it was attended by many people interested in RFID Technology.

We want to thank all of you who came to visit us at the Nordic ID stand. It was nice chatting with you.

Retail Sensations

Hielke van Oostrum, Nordic ID Sales Director for the BeNeLux countries and Denmark, at the Nordic ID stand

Retail Sensations 2

The Retail Sensations event, Antwerp, Belgium

Barex Partner Days, Oslo, Norway

Tomi Lundström represented Nordic ID at the Barex partner days in Oslo Norway. The event was attended by Barex partners who presented their products and participated in multiple activities. Tomi Lundström reports back that the event was great.

Kuva 3

Upcoming events

Next week Nordic ID will be at the GS1 Connect 2014 in San Diego, USA. We are already looking forward interesting presentations, sessions and discussions. We will keep you posted.

Also Nordic ID and partner ACTE Sp. will exhibit at the IT Future Expo in Warsaw, Poland. You can find us and at stand A02. We hope to see you there!

For more information about upcoming events check the Nordic ID events calendar.

RFID videos

We are happy to see that our RFID videos are proving to be popular on YouTube and YourTechTV. We want to take the chance to recommend a couple of great RFID videos to you. Click on the below pictures to watch our "Designed Delivered SOLD" and "Fast and accurate stock take with RFID" videos on YourTechTV.

Click here for all Nordic ID RFID videos on YourTechTV.

Click here for all Nordic ID RFID videos on YouTube.

Your Tech TV_Designed Delivered SOLD

Your Tech TV Fast And Accurate Stock Take With RFID


Recommended case studies

We hope that you have had the chance to check out our RFID case studies. For all of you who haven't yet, we want to introduce a couple of excellent case studies from the fashion retail sector. 

Tara - Espen Dronsett, Follestad AS and Høyer AS: Norwegian fashion retail stores benefit from high stock accuracy after RFID implementation

Roberto Verino: Intelligent store concept with RFID - Spanish retailer ROBERTO VERINO tailors RFID to customer experience


Have a great and sunny weekend!

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