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Friday blog - RFID Journal retail case study - Nordic ID on Instagram - Join the RFID Agent Game competition

This week the RFID Journal featured an excellent retail case study, definitely worth reading. Also we recommend you to start following Nordic ID on Instagram and join the RFID Agent Game, each month the player with the highest score wins a prize

RFID Journal retail case study

Small stores in Norway see payback from RFID

We were excited to see an excellent case study on RFID usage in retail stores in Norway.

Front Systems, the Norwegian system integrator, has provided more than 40 small retail stores with their RFID solution. The RFID system allows the stores to carry out inventory checks in the back room or storefront, quickly and with high accuracy. Read more about how the retailers reap the benefits from the RFID technology implementation.

Read the full article on the RFID Journal website.

You can also find a Front Systems case study on the Nordic ID website.

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Nordic ID on Instagram

Did you know that you can find Nordic ID on Instagram? Start following us and stay tuned for event pictures on Instagram.

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Check the Nordic ID website for more information about Nordic ID in social media.

RFID Agent Game

We launched the Nordic ID RFID Agent game in June. If you haven't tried it yet, join in now. Playing is easy and addictive: use our RFID devices to scan as many bubbles and score as many points as possible. Every month the player with the highest score receives a prize.

Click on the below picture to access the RFID Agent game and participate in the competition and become our July winner.

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Summer break

It's prime holiday season and also our Friday blog will take a summer break for two weeks. We will keep you posted again in the end of July!

Have a great weekend!

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