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Friday blog - Nordic ID news - GS1 Germany Knowledge Center opening - Rock Werchter 2014 - Recommended videos

This week Nordic ID and GS1 Germany announced their cooperation. Nordic ID was excited to attend the GS1 Germany Knowledge Center opening. Also read up on access control with RFID at Rock Werchter 2014 and watch our recommended videos.

Nordic ID News

Nordic ID and GS1 Germany join forces

This week Nordic ID announced that Nordic ID and GS1 Germany join forces. Nordic ID is the new GS1 Germany Solution Provider and part of the renewed GS1 Germany Knowledge Center. The goal of the cooperation is to provide interested parties with cross-industry solutions and help to create open dialogue in the area of RFID.

Read the full news here.

Click here to read the news in German: Nordic ID ist neuer Solution Provider der GS1 Germany.

GS1 Logo

Grand opening of the GS1 Germany Knowledge Center

This week the extended GS1 Germany Knowledge Center was opened in Cologne, Germany. The Knowledge Center recently underwent an extension, now featuring 2,500 square meters of space with new modern conference rooms, a Creative Lab as well as excellent industry-specific live components. The "Fashion live" component lets visitors explore the industry live. The "Fashion live" is equipped with Nordic ID hardware the new GS1 Germany solution provider.

Nordic ID made sure to attend the opening event on July 1st. We were excited to be invited and see the renewed Knowledge Center. The launch day was great, with so much to see and explore. It was nice to meet so many people interested in new technologies and particularly RFID technology.

Click here to read more about the GS1 Germany Knowledge Center.

GS1Germany Knowledge Center

Rock Werchter 2014, Werchter, Belgium

The Rock Werchter in Werchter, Belgium is in full swing. The four day event will be buzzing until sunday. Also this year RFID will be used for access control at the event, making access easy, smooth and most importantly safe for visitors. On top of that visitiors can enjoy easy social media sharing, registration for discounts and much more thanks to RFID technology.

Impressions from Rock Werchter 2013:

Rock Werchter

Recommended Videos

Staying in tune with the music festival and access control theme, we want to recommend two videos this week. Check out the excellent video by David De Wever featuring RFID technology usage in access control at the Rock Werchter 2013 and Graspop 2013 events.

If you haven't seen them yet, make sure to watch them on YouTube:

RFID at Rock Werchter 2013

Graspop RFID access control

Have a great weekend!

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