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Friday blog - ID Forum 2014 video- Nordic ID news - Follow our news stream

Check out the ID Forum 2014 video on YouTube. Great news this week: the IT Future Award was granted to our partner ACTE Poland, congratulations! Also make sure to follow the Nordic ID news stream for the news that we will reveal after the summer.

ID Forum 2014 video on YouTube

Have missed out on the ID Forum 2014 video posted on YouTube? Don't worry; you can click on the picture below to watch the video. It features top RFID industry experts at the event in Moscow. Also you will see familiar faces from Nordic ID staff.

Interested in watching more videos? You can check out the Nordic ID RFID videos on the Nordic ID YouTube channel and on the  Nordic ID YourTechTV channel

ID Forum You Tube Video

Nordic ID News: IT Future Award granted to ACTE Poland

We are glad to inform that our partner ACTE Poland was crowned the winner of the IT Future Award in the Computer and Equipment Technology category.

ACTE Poland received the IT Future Award with their RFID solution comprising an assortment of Nordic ID RFID hardware and software products. 

Read the full news here.

IT Future Award

Managing Director of ACTE Poland, Kamil Kilian accepts the award at the Gala IT Future Expo

Coming soon...

Stay tuned for the news we will reveal after the summer. Make sure to be amongst the first ones to hear about our secret. Start following the Nordic ID news stream.

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Have a nice and sunny weekend!

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