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Friday blog - Nordic ID at the Retail Expert Conference 2014 - Upcoming news - Sales meeting - Recommended video

What a great week and it keeps getting more exciting. Read up on Nordic ID at the Retail Expert Conference 2014 and the autumn sales meeting in Salo, Finland. Also read up on the countdown to next week's exciting news and our recommended video.

Retail Expert Conference 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia

Last week the Retail Expert Conference took place in St Petersburg, Russia. Dmitry Artemiev, our Nordic ID Country Manager, Russia, made sure to participate.

The event featured the discussion forum 'Retail technology and innovations' that included great presentations from specialists representing different areas of retail. Nordic ID contributed to the event with a presentation on "How RFID drives modern retail business".

Retail Expert Conference 2014

Picture 1. Dmitry Artemiev presents on the topic "How RFID drives modern retail business". Picture 2. Korus Consulting, one of the leading Russian system integrators for supply chain technologies, presents on interactive technologies in retail.

Less than one week to go until Nordic ID reveals interesting news

We are so excited, less than one week to go and then we can finally reveal our exciting news. On September 23, we will let you in on our secret that we are thrilled to share with you.

Follow the Nordic ID news stream and make sure to keep your eyes open especially on the 23rd of September.

Click here to read up on Nordic ID in social media.

Nordic ID Teaser Picture2

Nordic ID Sales meeting

This week Nordic ID staff has been busy at the autumn sales meeting at the Nordic ID office in Salo, Finland.

It was exciting to meet up with all our colleagues and spend several days planning and discussing our ongoing activities. Now that we had the chance to exchange ideas and experiences, we are excited to return to work refreshed and full of enthusiasm.

Sales _meeting

And of course it has not been all work and no play, as the sales meeting also included some outdoor activities.

What a great day to enjoy the fresh air and Finnish nature with our colleagues.


Recommended video

Have you seen the "RFID: Maintaining optimal stock levels on the hospital ward" video by Dirk Van de Vyver on YouTube, yet? Tune in if you haven't, it's worth to learn more about RFID in healthcare.

The video shows how RFID is used to maintain optimal stock levels on a hospital ward. We were excited to see the Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole used in the video.

Click on the picture below to watch the video on YouTube.

RFID Video

Have a great weekend!

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