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Friday Blog - Nordic ID News - New article - RFID Agent Game - Selection of articles

The first Friday Blog of the year! This blog includes Nordic ID News - Nordic ID Medea is now available with new features. A new article is out and the RFID Agent Game is on, a chance to win prizes! We also selected an interesting series of articles.

Nordic ID News


The Holiday season is over, and we are now back in the office and ready for the 2015 updates and much more! The production break is also over, so we are now back in the business.

Nordic ID Medea released with new features

Nordic ID Medea has some product updates - Nordic ID Medea UHF RFID is now available as a new product, and all the Nordic ID Medea models are available with 3G.

To read the news in total, please visit the Nordic ID website.

Medea -pics


New article - benefits of RFID in tracking assets and rtis

A new article is published at the RFID Arena - Benefits of RFID in tracking assets and RTIs. The article takes a look at RFID implementation from the asset management and RTI perspective, and introduces some of the benefits.

To read the full article, please click here



RFID agent game - become the winner of  the month

Have you already tried an amazing bubble-shooting game? It's fun, and the best player of the month will win a prize. To play the game, please click the picture.

RFID_agent _game _menu

Selection of articles

We would like to share with you a few nice articles under the category "Other Solutions". This time we would like to introduce to you a series of articles, "If cars were tagged".

1) If cars were tagged, part 1 by Hanna Östman

2) If cars were tagged, part 2 by Sini Syrjälä

3) If cars were tagged, part 3 by Markus Nuutinen, Joni Rahkonen, Niina Poutanen and Michiel Ploeger

4) If cars were tagged, part 4 by Henri Lehto, Tero Nieminen, Arabella Bassett & Natasja van der Meer.

That's all for this week, have a nice starting for 2015!

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