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Friday Blog - Nordic ID at events - Selection of articles

This week Nordic ID has been touring around Europe - RFID Journal LIVE! Europe in London and ICT & Logistiek in Utrecht have kept our staff busy. Very interesting events! We would also like to present some great articles about RFID use cases.

Nordic ID at events

This week Nordic ID visited two large, buzzing events in Europe.

RFID Journal live! Europe, london

Nordic ID's Jessica Säilä, Atte Kaskihalme and Viv Bradshaw visited hectic London and RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2015 on November 9th-10th. There were three Nordic ID RFID customers giving speeches about their RFID rollouts - Marc O'Polo, GIKS Mode and JBC. The event was a great opportunity to see status quo of the RFID scene both in the UK and in overall Europe, as there were lots of visitors from outside the UK. Lots of interesting speeches, a great and successful event, indeed!

To read more about the event, please visit the event website and the  Nordic ID website.


Stefaan Allemeersch of GIKS Mode giving a speech about their RFID system.

ICT & Logistiek, Utrecht

Hielke van Oostrum. Atte Kaskihalme and Mirva Saarijärvi represented Nordic ID in the Netherlands. ICT & Logistiek 2015 was held in Utrecht on November 10th-13th. Nordic ID presented new RFID products at the event, for example Nordic ID AR55. The event was hectic and the visitors were both partners and end customers. The Nordic ID booth was a part of the Auto-ID tour.

To read more about the event, please visit the event website and Nordic ID website.

Ict _logistiek 2015

Selection of articles

This week we found interesting articles. Please enjoy the RFID use cases below!

  1. RFID on board
  2. 7 unexpected and awesome uses of RFID tags
  3. The lifecycle of an RFID "smart home"
  4. Preventing counterfeit drugs with RFID
  5. National post office RFID system

That's it for this week, enjoy the weekend!

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