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Friday Blog - New Sales Director and Sales forces assigned - Nordic ID Monthly Info - New case study - New article - Elisa IoT Challenge won by an RFID solution

This week has been hectic. Nordic ID assigned new staff members and held the Monthly Info in Finland. A new case study about GIKS Mode's RFID implementation was published, as well as a new technical article.

Nordic ID strengthens the sales team - new sales director, sales manager and RFID consultant assigned

On November 2nd, 2015, Nordic ID received new forces - Jukka Hieta started as Sales Director, Lars Lappe as Sales Manager in Germany for the Logistics and Manufacturing sector, and Viv Bradshaw as RFID Consultant in the UK.


Lars Lappe, Viv Bradshaw and Jukka Hieta.

To read the full news, please visit the  Nordic ID News website.


On November 20th 2015, Nordic ID's Finnish staff gathered for the Monthly Info at Salo. The aim of the Monthly Info is to get together to talk about projects in sales, R&D, production, operations and marketing, as well as to share some ideas. 

This week it was time to celebrate a milestone - Hanna Långström has been working for Nordic ID for 5 years. Thank you Hanna for the great work with marketing, communications and graphic design!

To read more about Nordic ID, please visit our company website.


New case study - giks mode

GIKS Mode, a Belgian fashion retailer, was looking for an RFID system to boost sales and reduce shrinkage. The system had to be implemented with a tight schedule of only 7 days. RFKeeper's Plug & Play RFID solution featuring the Nordic ID Merlin was provided. Today, after the RFID implementation, GIKS Mode is able to control the entire supply chain's inventory counts, including in the DC.

To read the full case study, please click here.

For more Nordic ID case studies, please visit Nordic ID References website.



A great, new technical article was published on Thursday on the RFID Arena, Introduction to Retail RFID Technology, part 2 - Radio technology and radio waves. This technical article continues the series of  Introduction to Retail RFID Technology, which explains the basics of RFID.  The first part of the article series was published a few weeks ago, there are still two more parts coming up. Stay tuned!


Elisa IoT innovation challenge won by an RFID solution

A Finnish competition called Elisa IoT Innovation Challenge was held again during Slush. The competition was won by Foller, who had innovated an RFID system that decreased food waste, the prize was 50.000 Euros. In their solution, the freshness of the food is monitored real-time along its whole life cycle. According to the level of freshness, the pricing and marketing of the food can be constantly tuned, which clearly decreases the waste of unsold food. The service has extended in a direction of cooperating and piloting with a coffee shop chain Sis. Deli. Nordic ID supplied the devices for the pilot.    

Please click here (or the picture below) to view a video about the Foller solution. 

For more information (only in Finnish), please click here.


That's all from Nordic ID this week, have a nice weekend!

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