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Friday Blog - Nordic ID Retail RFID Planning - Nordic ID at events - ICT & Logistiek - RFID Journal LIVE! Europe

This week Nordic ID Retail Sales team met in our Turku office for planning sessions. Our partner was present at Europort 2015 in Rotterdam. The event was a success. The last events for this year are approaching: ICT & Logistiek and RFID Journal LIVE!

Nordic ID Retail RFID Planning, Turku

The Nordic ID Retail Sales team gathered at the Nordic ID Turku office, Finland, on November 4th-5th, 2015. The aim of the planning session was to take a look at the upcoming six months, and to get all the retail sales managers around Europe into one place.

To view the Nordic ID Retail website, please click here.

Retail _sales _rfid2

Nordic ID products gaining attention

Nordic ID partner and dedicated RFID distributor Cisper in the Netherlands is proud to launch today their (very) new website: http://www.cisper.nl/ with the Nordic ID Medea UHF RFID Adaptive Cross Dipole One-series as 'spotlight product'.


Nordic ID at events

Europort 2015, Rotterdam

Willem Molenaar of Dutch system integrator partner SMRT Projects has exhibited their RFID based yard- and parts-management solution at Europort 2015 tradeshow in Rotterdam on November 3rd-6th. Busy and lively international tradeshow!

Willem Molenaar

The system runs on Nordic ID Merlin Cross Dipole and Nordic ID Morphic Cross Dipole and enables shipbuilders to quickly locate in real-time and manage all critical parts in complex industrial projects.

To read more about Nordic ID Merlin and Nordic ID Morphic, please visit the Nordic ID website.


Upcoming events


Nordic ID is taking part in the RFID Journal LIVE! Europe on November 9th-10th, in London, UK. Nordic ID and RFKeeper have a booth, where you have a chance to catch up on he new RFID products with our Business Area Directors Jessica Säilä and Atte Kaskihalme.

Visit the Nordic ID RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2015 website by clicking the picture below. To view the agenda of the event, please click here.



Nordic ID Benelux Sales Manager Hielke van Oostrum will exhibit the Nordic ID products at the AIM pavilion with an own booth in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on November 10th-13th, 2015. We will also take part in the daily guided Auto-ID tour. Nordic ID Marketing Director Mirva Saarijärvi and Business Area Director (Logistics & Manufacturing) Atte Kaskihalme are present as well.

The following banner includes a pre-registration link directly to our booth. To visit the Nordic ID ICT & Logistiek website, please click here.


To view the updated Events calendar, please visit our website at www.nordicid.com.

That's it for this week, have a nice weekend! 

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