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This week we would like to share some news about the alliance of our Russian partner Sarus Technology - they have joined forces with ITProject. We are also taking part in Logistik 2015 and PHI Data RFID & RTLS next week.

Nordic ID News: Nordic ID distribution partner Sarus Technology and ITProject join forces in Russia

Sarus Technology, the distribution partner of Nordic ID in Russia and in former CIS countries, and a Russian company ITProject have signed a partner agreement. According to the contract, the whole product range of Nordic ID will be used in the ITProject solutions.

To read the full news, please visit the Nordic ID website.

Nordic ID at events

Logistik 2015

Nordic ID is taking part in the Logistik 2015 event in Malmö, Sweden, on March 25th - 26th, 2015. We would be delighted to see you there - please enroll in the event here.

Logistik Malmoe -4c 72c 61b

Upcoming events

PHI DATA RFID & RTLS Workshop 2015

Brussels, Belgium

March 24th, 2015



Logistik 2015

Malmö, Sweden

March 25-26, 2015

Logistik 2015 website 


To view the updated event calendar, please visit the Nordic ID website

RFID Agent Game

Have you already tried the amazing bubble-shooting game? The best player of the month will be awarded - it still can be you this month! Please visit the game by clicking the picture under.

RFID_agent _game _menu

That's it for this week, new updates next week!

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