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Friday Blog - Selection of articles

The working week is almost over, and this time we have a selection of articles to share - the main topic of the articles is logistics.

Selection of articles

This week we skimmed through our article archive and wanted to highlight some of our articles relating to logistics. The selected articles are following:

  1. Intelligent logistics - Closing the loop on transferable assets in logistics with RFID by Carl Michener
  2. RFID in international supply chain management by Roksana Parvin
  3. Operational excellence by RFID by Uwe Quiede
  4. National post office RFID system by Hanna Östman
  5. Benefits of RFID in tracking assets and RTIs by Suvi Dalén.

Shutterstock _84213922 Warehouse Gate

That's it, enjoy the weekend!

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