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Friday Blog - Selection of articles - RF Monster on Twitter

This week we selected some of our previous RTI related articles for you to read. Please, enjoy! We are also happy to announce that RF Monster is once again gaining success on Twitter.

Selection of articles

This time we would like to introduce you some of our articles considering RTI business. 

  1. Using RFID to manage RTIs in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry by Jessica Säilä
  2. Why should you care? - Basics of the goods carrier tracking business case by Einar Toivonen
  3. The need for intelligent reusable transport items by Rick LeBlanc
  4. Managing RTIs - Returnable Transport Items - with RFID by Hanna Östman
  5. Did you know that there are in European market 3.5 million RFID tagged containers (flower and pot plant trolleys) in circulation? by Atte Kaskihalme.

Shutterstock _163499567 Transport Logistics


Happy news for the RF Monster! Technology Articles listed the mascot of Nordic ID, RF Monster, into May 2015 Top 100 Technology Experts to Follow on Twitter. RF Monster was placed as #57.

You can find the RF Monster on Twitter under @RFMonster

Follow RF Monster also on Google Plus and on Facebook! Nordic ID is very active on other social media as well, check the full list of social media accounts on the Nordic ID website.

RFMonster Twitter


Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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