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Friday Blog - Nordic ID Monthly Info - Nordic ID at events

This week Nordic ID has been busy with two events - Monthly Info at Salo office and Lunch in the sky in Helsinki. We are actively taking part in different events during autumn - stay tuned for upcoming events!

Nordic ID Monthly info

On August 14th 2015, Nordic ID Finnish staff gathered for the Monthly Info at Salo. The aim of the Monthly Info is to get together to talk about projects in sales, R&D, production, operations and marketing, and share some ideas. 

To read more about Nordic ID, please visit our company website.

Monthly Info _14.8

Nordic ID at events

Lunch in the sky, Helsinki, Finland

Some members of Nordic ID staff gathered in Helsinki on 12th August, 2015, to meet some Finnish partners. The highlight of the day was lunch, which was organized in the sky - the dinner table was lifted up in the air with a crane. Amazing!

Dinner In Thes Sky

Upcoming events

Nordic ID is taking part in several events during the autumn. The next event is

RFID Lab Finland Roadshow

Oulu, Finland 26th August 2015

Espoo, Finland 27th August 2015

Vantaa, Finland 28th August 2015

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! 

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