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Friday Blog - New articles published - Upcoming events

Friday Blog is back in the office after a relaxing summer! This time we introduce to you two new articles, one related to retail and the other to supply chain. We also have new events coming up.

New articles published on the RFID Arena

During the summer, RFID Arena has published two great, new articles.

RFID is everywhere. Or is it?

This article discusses the numbers of retailers already using RFID. According to a study, more than half of retailers are using EPC-based identification. Can we draw conclusions and state that half of retailers are using RFID?

Woman Looking At Clothes

Leaving on a jet plane - with RFID

Aviation industry can benefit from RFID in many ways. The article describes some of the use cases in this specific sector.

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Upcoming events

Nordic ID is taking part in several events during the autumn. The first event is

RFID Lab Finland Roadshow

Oulu, Finland 26th August 2015

Espoo, Finland 27th August 2015

Vantaa, Finland 28th August 2015


That's it, have a nice weekend!

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