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Friday Blog - NRF approaching - Upcoming events

The largest retail event, NRF's Retail Big Show, starts this week and Nordic ID will be there too. The spring time is full of interesting events in which Nordic ID is taking part - stay tuned and follow the Events calendar!

NRF approaching - a chance to meet Nordic ID overseas

This week, from 17th to 20th January, 2016, Nordic ID is visiting the National Retail Federation's Retail Big Show (NRF) in New York City, USA. Jessica Säilä (Business Area Director, Retail), Jukka Hieta (Executive Director, Sales & Marketing) and Lothar Struckmeier (Managing Director, Nordic ID GmbH) are taking part in the event. 

Jessica -jukka -lothar

Jessica Säilä, Jukka Hieta and Lothar Struckmeier

Want to meet Jessica, Jukka or Lothar? They are happy to catch up with you and would be delighted to make time to have a cup of coffee with you. Please contact info@nordicid.com if you are around!


NRF Retail Big Show 2016

New York City, USA

January 17-20, 2016

NRF website


EuroCIS 2016

Düsseldorf, Germany

February 23-25, 2016

EuroCIS website


LogiMAT 2016

Stuttgart, Germany

March 8-10, 2016

LogiMAT website


Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) 2016

London, United Kingdom

March 9-10, 2016

RBTE website


SITL Europe 2016

Paris, France

March 22-25, 2016

SITL website


To view the updated Events calendar, please visit the Nordic ID website

Enjoy the weekend! 

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    Good piece of information related to NRF approaching upcoming events. I think such events are good for us which cause to learn a lot of things and give chance to meet different people.

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