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Friday blog - NG retail summit - ICT & Logistiek - RFID video recommendations

Check our Friday Blog and find out what has been happening this week. Read up on: Nordic ID at the NG retail summit. Meet us at the ICT & Logistiek in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. Kick back and enjoy our recommended RFID videos.

Nordic ID at events

NG Retail Summit Europe, 17th - 19th October 2016

This week the 14th Bi-Annual NG Retail Summit Europe in Dublin, Ireland was in full swing and of course Nordic ID made sure to attend. Jukka Hieta, Executive Director, Sales and Marketing at Nordic ID, participated at the three-day event.

Jukka Hieta was keen to report back that one clear highlight of the events was the Adidas presentation. He also pointed out that generally all workshop at the event were excellent and stated that it was great to see how analytics formed an integral part at the NG Retail Summit.

We are looking forward to the NG Retail Summit in Turnberry in May 2017.

Click here for more information about the NG Retail Summit Europe.

NG Retail Summit 2016

ICT & Logistiek, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

Two weeks to go and it will be time for the ICT & Logistiek (2nd-3rd November, 2016). Have you noticed that you can register your participation? Sign up soon for this great event (link below).

Of course Nordic ID will be attending the event. You can meet Hielke van Oostrum, our Area Sales Manager at Nordic ID at booth 03D015.

We are looking forward to meeting familiar and new faces at the event. If you attend the event, come by and stop for a chat!

Click here to  register your participation at the ICT & Logistiek.

More information about the event 

Recommended RFID videos

Can you spot the Nordic ID Morphic? RFID-Logistikmanagement für Berufskleidung / Work garment management with RFID. 

Driving retail with RFID   

Pearl mussel identification with RFID 


That is all we can reveal about this week at Nordic ID. We recommend you stay tuned for what surprises we have in store for you in the next weeks.

Have a great weekend!

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