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Geiger Counting Releases Your Best Staff For Selling

From the retail perspective, there is an unlimited number of use cases for Geiger counting as the item-level locating is done in different occasions. In our other article, we introduced Geiger counting. Now we list some of the applicable retail use cases.

Co-author: Jessica Säilä

Online fill...

One example where Geiger counting is used is online fill - a retailer collects online orders in-store. The online orders are updated over night, which means that the orders have arrived at the store in the morning when the store opens. The status quo is that the best personnel collects the online orders as they are able to locate items faster than for example seasonal workers. On the other hand, this means that these most productive workers have finished their day after 4 p.m. when customers come in for shopping. RFID and tag locating can help in allocating the staff better. When RFID is taken into use in-store, the online orders are easy to collect with the help of RFID readers with tag locator. Geiger Counting with its ticking sound leads the staff member to the right product, and the staff member does not need to know the exact location and the appearance of the product in order to find it. Therefore, the most productive workers can focus on customer service instead of locating items.

...and returns

Sometimes the online orders return back to the store, and the reason is always that the customer is unhappy. 20 - 30% of online orders are returned and the time taken for a single return handling is 60 minutes without RFID. With RFID, the same procedure takes only 10 minutes. Some reasons for returning are wrong item or wrong size. These usually lead to sending the right item to the customer, which again takes staff time as the wanted product needs to be found and the wrong one returned - preferably as fast as possible. The faster the returned shoppings are taken back to sale, the higher the selling price is. And here Geiger counting is efficient.

In some cases, the customer has ordered and even paid for an item which appears to be out of stock. This can be avoided with RFID. RFID increases inventory accuracy from 63% to even 99% as observed at Gerry Weber. When the stock balances are correct, out-of-stock situations are prevented. 

Geigercounting -retail -Nordic ID-RFID

Item specific search

Another use case for Geiger counting is, as mentioned, to search for another size and colour of a certain item. If the stock balances show that there is one in-store but it is not found where it should be, the tag locator is a useful tool for search. The missing item can be for instance in a shop window or behind shelves. But as the Geiger Counting does not need a line of sight to locate the item, it can locate the missing item almost everywhere.

Geiger counting can provide a big help in the non-retail sector as well. As the basics are locating an item in an environment, almost any tagged item can be found by using Geiger counting. Tools in an assembly line, cardboard boxes in a warehouse, blood bags in a freezer, etc.

Geiger counting equals efficiency in searching

As mentioned, Geiger counting is a great tool as it speeds up item search. It saves time and therefore releases staff for other purposes, which in turn brings savings for the business owner. When the retailer is filling Omni-channel from a store, a best practice advice is to allocate the staff according to their skills. The best personnel is on the customer frontier whereas the seasonal or external workers are equipped with RFID handhelds as the Geiger counting performs the search for the person holding the device. With Geiger counting and RFID, online returns are minimized and customers get what they ordered.

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