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Friday Blog - SITL, 3rd International Plus-Forum in Russia, Omni-Channel mit RFID, Upcoming events

Again we have been busy with multiple events during the end of this month; 3rd International Plus-Forum in Russia, SITL and Omni-Channel mit RFID in Munich. We thank all our partners and customers who visited our booth. More events coming up!

SITL Europe 2016

March 22nd -25th Nordic ID was exhibiting at SITL 2016 in Paris, France.

The show brings together the innovative products and services dedicated to the transport and logistics users from manufacturing, retail and distribution.

During four exhibition days Nordic ID key persons met many exsisting and new partners from 12 countries. There is clearly a boom of RFID projects in several business sectors. The wide range of high quality RFID solutions of Nordic ID was demonstrated at our booth, especially the newcomers Nordic ID AR55 and AR52. The Nordic ID AR52, a powerful fixed reader with 16xAUX, was also nominated as a candidate of Prix d'Innovation by the  SITL organizers.

Nordic ID at SITL

Photo: First morning at SITL - Maria Ala-Sulkava, Area Sales Manager Nordic ID ready to welcome all French and international visitors.

 3rd International PLUS-Forum Online  AND Offline Retail 2016 in Moscow

Nordic ID participated in PLUS-Forum event on the 4th -5th of April together with Sarus Technology in Moscow.

Presentations about omnichannel model in the retail sector, solutions and cases were among the many interesting topics of the forum. The presentation about Adidas RFID project by Senior Project Manager Emil Karimov was one of the highlights of the 1st day.

Joachim Weckman Nordic ID at 3rd International Plus-forum

Photo: Joachim Weckman, Area Sales Manager Nordic ID and Dmitry Artemiev, Director Sarus Technology who gave a presentation about RFID reading and tagging technologies. 

Seminar Omni-Channel mit RFID

Nordic ID hosted a number of leading German reetailers on Thursday 7th of April in Munich, Germany. The highlight of the event was when Jana Hildenbrand presented cross-channel and RFID in real life at Marc O'Polo store.  By clicking this link you'll see how Marco O'Polo does it.


Uwe Quide

Photo: Uwe Quide of Tailor IT explaining how RFID helps retailers with Omni-Channel tasks.

Upcoming events

Nordic ID will be present at below events.

If you happen to be around, let us know and we'll meet up.


Retail Innovation Tech Meeting

Paris France

14th of April 2016


IoT Applications Europe - Connecting the Edge

Berlin, Germany

27th - 28th of April 2016


RFID Journal Live! 2016

Orlando, FL, USA

3rd - 5th of May 2016


NG Retail Summit Europe

Fairmont. St. Andrews Hotel in Scotland

9th -11th of May 2016


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