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Friday Blog - new Nordic ID NUR modules, Rain RFID Alliance, IDTechEx in Berlin, Paris Retail Innovation TechMeeting and RFID Journal Live! New case study and article published.

Nordic ID NUR-module family has been extended! A new case study about MARC O'POLO published. RAIN RFID Alliance, IDTechEx in Berlin, Paris Retail Innovation TechMeeting and RFID Journal Live! New blog post about RFID ROI Apparel by Uwe Quiede/TailorIt


 NUR Modules




In addition to our NUR-05WL2 (500mW) RFID modules we have launched the Nordic ID NUR-10W and Nordic ID eNUR-10W, both with 1Watt output power.

They are designed by Nordic ID and are available for anyone wishing to build their own RFID reader solution.
We provide the module in two different formats; as an SMD component or mounted on a PCB for easier integration.

The Nordic ID NUR-10W development kit provides the fastest way to test the module's capabilities and to start the software development.

The Nordic ID eNUR-10W module is an easy-to-integrate RFID reader PCB with four antenna connectors ready on board.


• High performance with +30dBm (1 Watt) output power, adjustable in 1dB steps
• Low power consumption
• UART and USB 2.0 communication
• Antenna auto-tuning
• Auto-sensing inventory parameter possibility
• 5 programmable GPIO with event triggers
• Comprehensive API with sample code and full documentation
• Selectable receiver decoding, link frequency and transmitter modulation (ASK/PR-ASK)


New case study - Marc o'polo

We published a new case study about MARC O'POLO, one of the world's leading premium modern casual brands, using RFID. A few years ago MARC O'POLO made the strategic choice to connect their channels closer together with the aim to drive traffic from online to physical stores and vice versa. At the heart of the program was the introduction of RFID: the enabler of full item visibility.

Read the whole case study here.




Nordic ID has joined RAIN RFID Alliance, a global organization promoting the universal adoption of RAIN technology solutions across versatile vertical markets in order to support the standarization and vision of Internet of Things (IoT). RAIN RFID is a wireless technology that connects billions of everyday items to the internet, enabling business and consumers to identify, locate, autenticate and engage each item.


Nordic ID at Events

RFID Journal LIVE! 2016

Being at the RFID Journal was truly worth it. The event was busy with exciting seminar presentations and the exhibit hall housed many good partners for Nordic ID.

Every day was packed with good meetings with partners and listening to great presentations such as Herman Kay's RFID solution in manufacturing, G Star Raw shop floor solution and SML's Dean Frew's presentation on ROI. We thank all the partners we were able to meet at the event and for the excellent eye-opening presentations.

 Florida _kollaasi

Pictures above from RFID Journal LIve! in Orlando, Florida, USA. Dean Frew/SML IIS giving a presentation on ROI in RFID implementations, a snapshot of  the Herman Kay presentation and Terry Kemp/SML IIS presenting devices at the booth and the beautiful conference hall where the event was held. 

Paris Retail Innovation TechMeeting

Nordic ID and HUbOne teamed up to participate the Paris Retail Innovation TechMeeting, which had roughly 60 companies attending in a "match-making" format. Smaller companies were given a chance to pitch their company in front of eight large enterprises and other SMEs.

Jessica Retail Paris

Picture: Jessica Säilä/Nordic ID giving a presentation at Paris Retail Innovation TechMeeting.


IDTechEx in Berlin was a succesfull event as well. We shared a stand together with three other RAIN RFID Alliance members.

IDTECHPicture: Lars Thuring, Logopak, Sipi Savolainen, Walki, Jukka Hieta and  Lars Lappe, Nordic ID



HLI (Hamburger Logistik Wissenschaftsforum)

Hamburg, Germany 

May 19, 2016



TexCare International

Frankfurt am Main, Germany 

June 11-15, 2016

TexCare International



RFID ROI Consideration by Uwe Quiede, TailorIt


Have a nice weekend!

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