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Friday Blog - New article at RFID Arena published - HLI and vist to American Apparel store in Oxford street - Upcoming events

What actually is RFID and what are the benefits for me in logistics? Read how Sales Manager Lars Lappe sums up the benefits of RFID with simple use cases in intralogistics. Best practices, learnings and tips by Dean Frew CTO of SML Group in a webinar.

New article

What is RFID, how does it work and what is the benefit of RFID?

Basically RFID is a simple thing. The applications, however are almost unlimited. Therefore the easiest way to describe the benefit of RFID is to concentrate on the specific use case. In this case, the field of logistics.This article is concentrating on the area of intralogistics.

You can read how Area Sales Manager Lars Lappe sums up the benefits of RFID here.

Nordic ID at events

On 19th of June Nordic ID participated to HLI (Hamburger Logistik Wissenschaftsforum) in Hamburg. The main topic in the well visited event was Industry 4.0.
At Nordic ID's stand we had a live demo with Nordic ID AR55.
Thank you all who visited our stand.

Picture:  Area Sales Managers Lars Lappe and Danny Collinson at HLI.Lars And Danny


Nordic ID and SML IIS had the pleasure of visiting American Apparel in their Oxford Street store. American Apparel is a long term mutual customer, who presented their RFID journey to other retailers. A pioneer in the use of RFID, American Apparel still finds new benefits from the information RFID delivers. For example the stores now stock fewer items, yet sell more than when RFID project was initially introduced. 

SML Group has supplied RFID to many of the world's largest and most influential retailers, including American Apparel,Tesco and numerous others.

Learn best practices, learnings and tips gleaned from these deployments directly from Dean Frew, CTO and Sr. VP for RFID Solutions of SML Group.

If you are interested to hear more about the deployments, join a webinar on 

Thu, May 26, 2016 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM EEST 

by clicking here.

Upcoming events

Next time you can find us at:

TexCare International

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

June 11-15, 2016

TexCare International


Symposium 4.0.

AREND Prozessautomation in Wittlich, Germany

June 16, 2016

Symposium 4.0.


Have a sunny weekend!

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