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Friday blog - Product news - Upcoming event - RFID case and video

What a great week! Check this week's Friday blog for an introduction of our newcomer: the Nordic ID Medea protective covers. Also featured: upcoming events and recommended video and case study.

Nordic ID product news

Now available: Nordic ID Medea protective covers

The Nordic ID Medea protective covers are now available. Add some extra protection to your  Nordic ID Medea devices with this Nordic ID newcomer.The rubber cover fits like a glove and helps to keep devices safe from impact and harm.

The covers are available in two colors, orange or black. Purchase either the device cover or the package including both, device cover and ACD antenna cover.

Please note that using the 
antenna  protective covers will require re-tuning of the antenna. For further details please contact our sales professionals.

Nordic ID Medea Protective Cover _web (2)


Nordic ID at events

NG Retail Summit Europe, Dublin, Ireland

Nordic ID will attend the 14th Bi-Annual NG Retail Summit Europe in Dublin, Ireland next month.

This event brings together a diverse group of 65 senior retail decision makers and business leaders from across Europe. The NG Retail Summit Europe features essential business conversation and extensive networking and aims to solve key business challenges around omni-channel development, in-store innovation and supply chain optimisation.

We hope to see familiar faces at the event and look forward to great discussions,

Click here for more information about the event.

Visit the Nordic ID website for the Nordic ID events calender. 


NG Retail

Recommended RFID cases and video

RFID for Inventory Control video

Check out this great RFID video by RFKeeper: ZEB: RFKeeper RFID for Inventory Control.

Click on the picture below picture to find the video on YouTube and see how RFID for Inventory Control works in practice! 

RFKeeper RFID For Inventory Control


Recommended reading

Check the RFID Journal for a great RFID case study: "Singapore Fashion Company Adopts RFID to Be on the Cutting Edge". This solution included the Nordic ID Sampo in the kiosk solution.

Click here to read the case study.

Have a great weekend!

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