Use case scenarios for area reading

In our previous two articles we have introduced some of the Nordic ID directors’ aspects about future RFID application systems including new sorts of fixed readers. Now it is time to hear what Atte Kaskihalme has to say.

Bringing continuous area reading into the shop floor

Nordic ID shares some visions of the upcoming innovations among RFID industry. Now it is time to listen to Jessica Säilä, Business Area Director of Retail at Nordic ID, and hear how she sees the role of RFID in future retail operations.

The technical possibilities of area reading

What does the future for RFID solutions look like? The Tech Geek interviewed Hannu Heino, Technical Director of Nordic ID. He gave us some aspects about what we should prepare for when hearing about new innovations among RFID business.

How can clothing brands and ethicality profit from RFID?

This article takes a look at the ethical issues in clothing business and the role of RFID in monitoring the manufacturing process. RFID can be a great tool in supervising the production and other issues that may have an impact on a product's ethicality.

10 things to tell your boss about RFID

When considering an introduction of new technology into your business, it inevitably raises some questions. Convincing your boss that RFID will actually resolve your challenges is perhaps the scariest step but undeniably the most rewarding one to overcome. Here are some of the doubts you might face when discussing about RFID with your boss.

Benefits of RFID in tracking assets and RTIs

RFID implementation process involves several questions from those who are interested in applying the technology in their business. This article takes a closer look at some of the benefits behind RFID from RTI business and asset management perspective.

Santa's Little Helper

We’ve all heard of Rudolph and his shiny nose but we’ve also heard that he’s quite busy on Christmas trying maintain the children's belief in him. What if he makes a mistake and it happens to be my kid who won’t get presents? How could technology help?

Several UHF RFID readers in the DC, part 2

The reader collision problem was earlier introduced in part 1. Now the Tech Geek returns with the second part. This time we discuss further how to improve the reading efficiency by for instance taking a closer look at the reader and the antennas.

Step inside the School of RFID!

The RFID Arena is an official platform for the School of RFID with articles, white papers and blog posts by industry opinion leaders, Nordic ID RFID experts, organization and university research representatives and retailers.

Get schooled - on RFID.

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