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RFID for intralogistics – what actually is RFID and what are the benefits for me in logistics?

The benefits of RFID in intralogistics - some simple examples of the use cases.

Have RFID pilots become redundant?

We hear about new RFID implementations constantly. With new RFID projects arising some wonder: why would all RFID projects still need to carry out a pilot? Haven’t the lessons from pilots been learnt already? Is the time for pilot projects over?

Perks, practices, privacy – are privacy concerns outdated?

A customer attitude report recently summarized that a majority of people are willing to trade off personal data for perks. If that is the case, are privacy concerns a thing of the past?

RFID on board

This weekend I took a mini-cruise and was impressed with the RFID-enabled services on board.

7 unexpected and awesome uses of RFID tags

Does RFID technology have a place in your business? Regardless of what your business does, it's a question that might be harder to answer "no" to than you might expect-especially after you've checked out the innovative ways it's being employed currently.

The lifecycle of an RFID "smart home"

Radio frequency identification (RFID) might soon be available for homeowners, offering them greater convenience in their everyday life as well as protecting them from unexpected costs and damages.

If cars were tagged - Part 4

New cars already have HF RFID technology and their spare parts are often tracked with UHF RFID. How would the introduction of UHF “car ID-tags” change the manufacturing and distribution processes, not to mention customer service?

If cars were tagged - Part 3

This article continues the series about how UHF RFID –tagged cars and RFID readers along roadsides are useful for different interest groups. In this article we will discuss how the police and safety authorities would benefit from the system.

Step inside the School of RFID!

The RFID Arena is an official platform for the School of RFID with articles, white papers and blog posts by industry opinion leaders, Nordic ID RFID experts, organization and university research representatives and retailers.

Get schooled - on RFID.

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