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The need for intelligent reusable transport items

Insightful article by Rick LeBlanc about how iRTIs (intelligent returnable/reusable transport items) reduce the RTI's cost per trip and ensure optimal freshness and quality of produce in the cold chain. Thanks to actionable data received from RFID tags.

Managing RTIs - Returnable Transport Items - with RFID

Real-world RTI pool tracking projects with RFID are popping up like mushrooms in the forest. This text explains the technology and lets the reader in on useful hints before initializing an RFID project.

From post-it notes to RFID: 15.000 trolleys handled in a single day

Imagine 15,000 trolleys loaded with plants coming from 400 suppliers, getting repacked and shipped out to 350 different shops in the space of a single day.

How to secure fresh Christmas flowers?

Complete utilization of the added value in RFID tags in the flower supply chain. Have you ever imagined how the popular Christmas flowers can reach the shops before Christmas in time and in good condition in the freezing cold North or elsewhere in Europe?

RFID brings pulp logistics into a new era

Botnia, one of the world’s principal suppliers of market pulp and the market pulp agent for M-real, UPM and Cenibra, has started to use the very first application of modern RFID technology for monitoring pulp units.

Did you know that there are in European market 3.5 million RFID tagged containers (flower and pot plant trolleys) in circulation?

3.5 million RFID tagged containers in circulation in the horticultural sector in Europe.

FREDA case - Lithuanian furniture maker optimizes just-in-time manufacturing with RFID

SC Freda is one of Lithuania’s oldest and largest furniture manufacturers, with a history dating back to 1880.

GATTER3 - A first-mile technology solution

More and more major fashion retailers source their products directly from a growing number of manufacturers located around the world.

Step inside the School of RFID!

The RFID Arena is an official platform for the School of RFID with articles, white papers and blog posts by industry opinion leaders, Nordic ID RFID experts, organization and university research representatives and retailers.

Get schooled - on RFID.

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