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Evaluation of power saving options for RFID readers

Power consumption and operating time are important factors in battery powered RFID readers. We set out to test and evaluate different power saving options.

Applying RSSI filters for optimal RFID performance

The RSSI value is an indicator of signal strength, in praxis used for estimating distance. By applying RSSI filters one can optimize RFID reading and writing conditions for specific applications, so that only tags within a certain distance are registered.


The size of the tags is not the only difference between far-field and near-field RFID technology. This article aims to look closer at how parameters and antennas can be modified to optimize the reading performance of near-field tags.

BOMBPROOF RFID - Smart RFID tag manufacturing makes reading next to metals and liquids a reality

With the help of a mobile RFID computer, you can read all the clothing tags inside a cardboard box from across the room. But fill that box with cans of Coca-Cola, and you might not be able to read tags until you are inches away. How to solve these issues?

User effect on RFID reading patterns between different UHF RFID antennas

Different antennas have different reading patterns and objects affect the patterns. We will have a look at three different antenna designs and how their reading patterns are affected by a person.

RFID gates – The technology behind them

RFID gates are an effective way of tracking assets automatically without manual labor. But what are the technical aspects that need to be taken into account at deployment and how do we make the most out of the system?

Managing environmental issues related to RFID

RFID's main benefit lies in the ability to recognize individual items from a-far. The business benefits related to the technology especially for apparel retailers are lucrative and offer what no technology has been able to do before.

Succeed in writing UHF RFID Tags - practical tips

Once the decision about adopting RFID to the company’s operations has been made, a number of issues need to be considered. This article discusses the issues related to tags and the tag writing and provides tips to writing and reading tags.

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