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RFID on the factory floor - Protect the brand by integrating RFID at point of manufacture

RFID is a technology that’s been helping prevent stock-out situations and reducing shrinkage for over a decade. More recently, brand owners have been waking up to the fact that RFID is a powerful tool for safeguarding the brand in several ways.

Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - News: Board of Directors for Nordic ID - Events Fall 2013

This week Nordic ID announced a change in the Board of Directors. We also published a list of events where to be this fall, you can find RFID in retail events and logistics events on the list.

Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Noticeable Retail RFID and RFID Asset Tracking cases

We have gathered a summary of some of the most noticeable retail RFID and RFID asset tracking cases. Most people are interested in finding out how other people do things. We have seen a massive interest in Nordic ID Stix UHF RFID reader android phone combo.

Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Social media frenzy

What a week social mediawize: RFID Arena reached and surpassed 600 likers on Facebook, an RFID video surpassed 20 000 views and a new video on a jewelry solution was released. Totally cool!

Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - RFID in retail interview with Jorma Lalla - Music festivals use RFID technology for access control

Summer is a busy time for music festivals and some of them have started utilizing RFID technology for access control. This week the fifth interview on the series RFID for retail was released. We interviewed Nordic ID CEO Jorma Lalla as a hardware vendor.

Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Events in China and Netherlands - A technical RFID article - news: Company structure change and a new partner

What a busy week. Sales people again on stands at events. This time in China and the Netherlands. The technical article over RFID reading near metals and liquids that was released this week has been popular. Nordic ID has had some news this week too.

BOMBPROOF RFID - Smart RFID tag manufacturing makes reading next to metals and liquids a reality

With the help of a mobile RFID computer, you can read all the clothing tags inside a cardboard box from across the room. But fill that box with cans of Coca-Cola, and you might not be able to read tags until you are inches away. How to solve these issues?

Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - ROI in RTI mgmt with RFID article - new case study: - tool tracking with RFID - Nordic ID Partner Delfi at RFID conference in Denmark

A great article covering the issue of finding ROI in RTI management with RFID. A new case study has been published this week - asset management. RFID in Denmark was covered by Nordic ID Partner Delfi.

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